Don’t let this happen to you! The Floral Dress Story


Living is not enough. One must also have fashion and flowers.

This was about 3 months ago in Forever 21’s dressing room. I tried on this gorgeous floral dress, and somehow convinced myself that I should not buy it because I had way too many dresses. Huh? I snapped this photo while trying it on, and ended up walking out of the store empty-handed. Why? Because I must have been crazy at that moment! Since then, I have been pretty reminiscent about this dress. Periodically looking at the picture on my phone, and wishing I had just made the purchase :(. Silly me. Maybe I will find something similar next summer? I can only  hope.

What have I learned from this devastating ordeal? When in doubt, say yes to the dress and head to the register!

With love,

nick 2