13 things I learned in 2013


Hi guys!

I’ve been rushing to get this post out before the end of January. Phew, I made it! So, you know how it is, a new year rolls around and you look back at the previous year and replay all the good and not so good things that occurred? Well, I learned a lot in 2013 and I want to share some of them with you.

1. I learned to say NO and mean it! 

I often times feel worried that I will hurt other people by telling them NO. No, I can’t, not today, maybe another time. Well, heck, I’m a changed woman now. 🙂

2. I mastered the art of taking a #selfie.

Please refer to post # 3.

3. I’m truly, totally and utterly addicted to instagram.

Please refer to post #2.

4. Men are not that complicated.

If a man truly loves you, cherishes you, values your relationship, he will do everything in his power to keep a smile on your face.

5. Beyonce truly is a KING.

I mean really. She is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I am inspired by her drive.

6. Forgiveness is an amazing act!

It truly is. Forgiveness is not for THEM, it is for YOU! Freeing your heart, mind and spirit of ill feelings towards others will bring about a joy  you can feel for a lifetime. Try it! It’s very rewarding.

7.Take risks! 

I’ve learned to step back, asses, and then LEAP into new possibilities.

8. Complaining gets you nowhere. Action does.

You’ve heard this before, right? Of course! Well, gosh, I complained a lot in 2013 and I had good reason to. Several plans didn’t pan out the way I envisioned. It wasn’t until I got off of my butt and took action that the rainbows came out, sun started to shine and flowers started to bloom again. 🙂

9. Communication is essential to a happy, healthy relationship.

 And by relationship I mean romantic relationship, work relationship and friendships too. If you’re a poor communicator, please do yourself a favor and take a course on effective communication and listening skills. It could save your relationship(s)!

10. I’m weird! And it’s totally OK.

Yeah. That’s it. I am and I love it.

11. I really need alone time. Me time.

If I don’t have some alone time, I’m a really grumpy girl 😦 . Once per week, I like to disconnect and just watch my favorite shows, lay under the covers, paint my nails, flip through the pages of fashion and beauty magazines and just decompress. It keeps me sane.


I often feel weak in times of despair. I pray and ask God for wisdom, strength and patience.  I was tested a lot in 2013 and I learned that God has my back, is watching over me and has already made me equipped with the skills that I pray for.

13. Believe in yourself!

Nuff said! Because trust me darling, if you don’t, no one else will. Your family and even your friends might not see or support your vision. But who cares, go for it!

What are some things you learned in 2013? Do share!

With Love,

nick 2

14 thoughts on “13 things I learned in 2013

  1. Very inspiring! I’m still trying to figure out half of your list. I can speak for days about my relationship and our communication barriers😠, but this is not the place. Great article!

  2. I like this list. I agree with all of them.
    I learned that I’m a good person and worthy of love even when I make mistakes. I say sorry less often (no need to apologize for my existence!), and hold my ground even if it seems that the other person is not too happy with my decision. It’s hard, but I really try to do it. No need to be a doormat.
    Another I learned is to “come already loved”. This means that I work on having my value be inside of so that I’m not as worried about what other people think. Again, HARD work but worth it. I’m working on dat forgiveness one, one day at a time!

    1. Hi Jernee,

      Thank you! Wow, I like your list! Very deep. I say sorry less often as well. No longer feeling guilty for standing in my own feelings. Forgiveness is a hard, hard, HARD thing to fully accomplish. I love the “come already loved” idea. Not many people come to the table like that!

  3. I love this! Go girl! I been saying no to people. lol. Started that a long time ago cuz people always tell me no. I learned the hard way. Beyonce is king! lol. Droppin that secret album like that. I learned that no matter how nice you are to people when you can’t do something for them right when they need it all of a sudden you are a bad person. I know who I am so I have learned to look out for me first!

    1. Hey Karina,

      BAM! I hear you! I’ve experienced that as well. Always being nice and giving and the one time I can’t, it’s a problem. I don’t think we can escape that though, because it’s not us, it’s THEM.

  4. Sooo good that you did this; taking the time to look back and learn from the previous year is such a good thing. Another friend of mine did this on her blog. I am wishing you an incredible year, my friend!

    1. Hi Muhala,

      Thank you. I learned way more than 13 things but I didn’t think typing out the 1,000 lessons I learned would be a good read. Haha. Wishing you a great year as well! xo

  5. Nick, nice post. A lot of bloggers have done this post and it has been fun reading what everyone has learned. I don’t comment often but I think you are doing a good job with your blog. Your style of blogging is fun and you keep it interesting. I am not interested in this stuff but my wife reads it and likes it a lot. I learned that the older I get, the more my hair falls out and the flabbier my belly gets. I learned that my dog is much smarter than I am. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Hey Andy!

      Yes, long time no hear from. So you mean to tell me you don’t enjoy reading about makeup and beauty stuff 🙂 ? Thank you for the compliments. I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of positive feedback on the blog. I’m a happy girl.

      So, you’ve got a flabby belly, huh? Nothing a little cardio couldn’t fix. That’s hilarious about your dog! My doggy is super smart as well. Remember the post that I did on wanting the camera? Well, I got it and it’s amazing!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 .

  6. Cardio is for the strong at heart. I don’t like working out which is why I have a flabby 6 pack. So, you got the cannon t3i? How are you enjoying it?

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