One wrong move. The car accident that ended a life.



Hi guys,

This is a somber post. Nothing about hair and beauty today. I want to share a story with you about life and death. At church on Sunday, the pastor talked about a family (members of the church) who lost their 17 year old daughter over the weekend. She was in a car, heading to her high school graduation. She was dressed beautifully, hair done, nails done, but she never made it to accept her graduate certificate. An accident occurred, the person driving lost control and she passed away. Just like that, she was gone. Her parents went from planning a huge “going to college” party to planning her funeral. As I sat in the pew, I cried uncontrollably. My son reached over and gently held my hand to try to comfort me as I sobbed for this little girl that I had never met. I cried for her, her parents, her friends and for the gift of life that so many of us take for granted.

Pastor dedicated the service to her and her family. He preached about the value of your life, living in the moment and rejoicing every day that you are alive. He shouted “one wrong move, one wrong turn is all it takes to end your life!”.

You’re not going to believe what happened next …….

On my drive home from church, still shaken up and thanking God for every breath I inhaled, a head on collision occurred. A woman shot out of a gas station and tried to make her way across 4 lanes. She was unsuccessful. She slammed into another vehicle and the front of both cars were crushed on impact. I felt like I was having an outer body experience. It felt like everything slowed down around me and I was seeing things in slow motion. I slowed my car, and attempted to make a U-turn to try to help the people in the wreck. But while I was gathering my bearings, several passerby’s had already sprung into action. People ran out of their cars and surrounded the vehicles like a swarm of bees. The doors were stuck on one of the vehicles, a woman fell out of her car and was unconscious on the concrete. My heart and spirit could not grasp what I was seeing. I sat in my car, just starring at the wreck in complete disbelief. What if I had been driving by just a few seconds earlier? Would she have slammed into my car? I said a prayer for the people in the damaged cars, asked God to spare their lives and I drove off.

I had so many questions. Why did this happen? Especially on the same day that pastor talked about the other tragic car accident? What was the lesson? What was God trying to teach me or show me? On my slow drive home, I vowed to complain less and live more. To be more thankful, to be more helpful and more loving. To find joy in simple things and be truly grateful for every single breath that I take.

This post is dedicated to the family who lost their child and the people in the collision.

With love,