The tapered haircut is taking over and why I want no parts of it.


The tapered cut has possessed many beautiful naturalistas to cut their long mane and go for this short, edgy look. The style is bold, daring, and classy if you ask me. If I was in a hair rut, I think I would go for this look right now. However, I am NOT ready to cut my hair this short just yet. I am on a natural hair growth journey. I cut my hair really short in December, 2012, and I’m steadily approaching my 2 year natural anniversary. I’m on a quest (or, let’s say I’m experimenting) to see if my natural hair can make it to bra-strap length hair. Yep, say it with me, bra-strap-length. I’m referring to the back of your bra, where the hooks are. Right below there is my goal. I was never able to achieve that length with a relaxer. The longest my hair grew with a relaxer was mid-back length. I will give my hair another year or two to see how much length I can retain. After that, I certainly see a major hair cut or second “big chop” in my future. If this cut is still on the map at that time, I might just give it a whirl. I don’t think the mister would like it much if I chopped my hair off (again), but eh, change is good, right?!

There is this misconception that if you see a woman, especially an African American woman with short hair, that means her hair is naturally short. It means that her hair won’t grow, can’t grow. That is not always the case. Don’t always believe what you hear or even what you think for that matter :). These women all had beautiful, thick, healthy looking hair and they chose to go short.

Here are the before and after pictures of the beautiful natural women that I follow on instagram who have chopped of their luscious hair for the tapered cut. They all look stunning! There is something about this cut that screams- I-AM-BOLD, I-AM-BEAUTIFUL.

What do you think of this cut? I love it! Would you try it?



















With Love,

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11 thoughts on “The tapered haircut is taking over and why I want no parts of it.

  1. OMG! African Export cut her hair! I’m shocked but I think it’s cool and the cut looks great! This tapered cut is sooo cute on the natural girl! I would do it too if I was ready for a sharp cut. I just cut my hair a few days ago but not for styling purposes. I decided to cut off heat damaged ends :)) Since I’ve never done a big chop before I think I got a little scissor happy and cut more than intended at the top. But it needed it. I was a little style challenged the first couple days but I’m coming along :))

  2. I just BCed last Wednesday for the second time; I first BCed in August 2008. I’m loving my hair right now. I always thought I looked better with short hair. I love the edginess of it. All these ladies look amazing.

  3. I love that you included the before-and-after shots! I love that Black women who have made it to certain lengths are comfortable enough in themselves (and their knowledge of how to grow and maintain HEALTHY hair) to actually cut it all off. I love that the natural hair movement has moved beyond getting our hair to grow as long as possible. It’s good to have options! Great post =)

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