The misconception of natural hair: Why you shouldn’t believe everything you see


OMG, your hair is so pretty. I would go natural if my hair looked like yours. You’ve got good hair….

I cannot count the amount of times someone has said that to me. Especially when I’m wearing a super defined twist out or braid out. Little do they know that it takes WORK to get my hair to look and stay curly. They too can achieve the same look with time, effort, and the right products. My hair is KINKY, and if left untouched, it will shrink, become dry, tangled and unmanageable. To keep the curls and waves going, I have to twist or braid my hair nightly, moisturize nightly, sleep with a satin bonnet or scarf… nightly. If I go one night without doing this ritual, my hair becomes dry, and will lose some of the definition of the waves or curls. If several days go by, without any re-twisting, the curls continue to lose its definition and I end up with an afro. Now, I don’t have a problem with that either. I love my fro!

Being natural isn’t for the faint at heart. You’ve got to really want this thing, this drama, this lifestyle. It takes work.

Below are some pictures of what my hair looks like when I ignore it and become lazy and tired of the work it takes to keep the waves going. How often do you twist and moisturize your hair during the week?

twist out
Left picture is what my hair looks like after being extremely lazy and refusing to do anything to it. The right picture is what my hair looks like after finally deciding to moisturize and twist my hair.
kinky hair
This was a jumbo twist-out. It lost its definition after 2 weeks of not twisting.
kinky natural hair
Results after wearing my hair in a ponytail for a few days without any twisting or braiding.
Results from washing my hair, combing out the curls, and letting it air dry with no products.

With Love,

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