Using Heat to Straighten Natural Hair| Soft, Fluffy curls

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Hi guys,

Coming to you today to share this post about using heat to straighten my natural hair. I don’t straighten my hair often, because I don’t want to damage it with excessive heat. I was due for a trim, and it’s much easier to comb through my hair and trim it when it ‘s straight. I’m currently getting a trim twice a year (every 6 months). I know most people cut their hair much often than that, but that is what has worked for me. I washed, air-dried and flat-ironed my hair in preparation for the hair cut.

My friend and fellow blog-buddy, OrganicREADY gave me a trim. You can visit her blog here OrganicREADY.0rg. I didn’t get to capture any “before” pics, or even the trim. Sigh! I was too busy laughing and talking during the process. However, below you can see the end results and what I used to straighten my hair.

The process to achieve this look:

1. I washed and conditioned my hair

2. Allowed hair to air-dry for 4 hours

3. Applied Tresemme heat protectant to small sections of hair, then flat ironed using one pass of the iron to avoid heat damage (one pass!)

4.Hair was then cut in small sections using shears

5. The hair was then curled using Hot Tools large barrel curling iron

After applying the Tresemme heat protectant, once my hair was straight, the only other products I used was a little african shea butter and jojoba oil. Stay tuned for my upcoming post about all the products that I am currently using.

hairhair 2

tresemme I applied this product to small sections of hair before flat-ironing.
flat iron This is an amazing flat iron! I used this on 370 degrees
curling iron Large barrel curling iron used to create soft curls
shea butter This products is very soft and I use this on my hair and also skin

jojoba oil

With Love,

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7 thoughts on “Using Heat to Straighten Natural Hair| Soft, Fluffy curls

    1. Thanks so much! I am actually shocked at how much my hair has flourished. I don’t use that many products and don’t use the fancy expensive ones that other naturals rave about. I’m cheap with hair products! Ha-ha. I use what works for me. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Absolutely beautiful! How did you allow your hair to airdry before flat ironing? I don’t flat iron often and just weighing the possibilities. I definitely don’t want to use a blow dryer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Christina, thanks for stopping by! And thank you for the compliment. After I washed my hair and applied my leave in conditioner. I did about 4 large twists. When it air dried, I took my hair out one twists at a time and flat ironed that section on medium heat. I did very small sections when flat ironing. Hope that helps!

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