How to- The Goddess Twist Pictorial

before and after

Howdy guys!

The month of March is almost over. I can’t believe it!

Today, I’m coming to you with a super easy, cute and chic hairstyle- The Goddess Twist. If you put that in your Google search engine, you will find thousands of variations of this style. It is also known as the Halo Twist, or Milk Maid Twists. This was so easy to achieve and took about 5 minutes! Yes, that’s right, five minutes. This style is on trend, effortless, work-friendly, party ready, or can be worn as an on-the-go look. All of that in one style! In addition to that, it also serves as a protective style. If you don’t know what protective styling is, simply click here. If you are careful, and tie your hair securely at night, this style can last you an entire week.

My hair is still pretty straight, because I have not washed it since I applied heat to get my trim (see post here ). To achieve this look, I only used one product in my hair and that’s my African Shea butter.

*Hair Tip- Because my hair was recently trimmed, my ends are pretty blunt. I had to braid the end of my hair to keep the twists from unraveling*

Now let’s get in to this hairstyle!

 To begin, make sure your hair is tangle free to ensure easy twisting!

Front viewside view

Once, you’ve combed and detangled, now comes the fun part. Begin twisting!


Left Side

twist 2

Right Side

Twist 4

twist 3

 The finished look

Side twists 4

back view twists

Side twists 3

close up of twists
Front twist

Products used

shea butter

With Love,

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4 thoughts on “How to- The Goddess Twist Pictorial

    1. Thanks, doll! It is harder for me to do when my hair is kinky, but I can still achieve the look, I just have to do it very slowly. Ha. Thanks for stopping by.

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