How I gained 1,000 new followers. The power of hashtags and features.

Hi guys,

Let’s talk about my favorite I word… INSTAGRAM. I just love it! I’m sure many of you are on instagram and are familiar with the natural hair pages that are out there. For those of you that are not, there are hundreds of pages, dedicated solely to celebrating women of color, and promoting natural hair. They post pictures of naturals, and followers heavily interact with one another. I follow several of these pages, and I engage in lengthy conversations with other naturals about everything from hair care, to hair products, hair styles, and more. The really popular natural hair pages have hundreds of thousands of followers, and if you are featured on their page, its great exposure for you. Not only will people simply “like” your picture, but they also click on your page, scroll through your pictures, and if they like what they see, you’ve gained a new follower, or two.

The other day, I grabbed my phone and posted a photo using 2 hashtags; #Healthy_hair_journey and #MyBlackIsBeautiful.

Here’s the story…

(7 weeks ago), I posted a photo on my instagram page -@ NickyGoGlam. It was on a whim; meaning, it was unscheduled. It was an impulse post. That particular day, I saw that the hashtag #MyBlackIsBeautiful was being used . Being a woman of color and a natural, I decided to post a picture as well and use the same hashtag. My picture was then grouped in with all the other naturals that were posting about self-love and acceptance. There had been about 100,000 pictures using that hashtag at the time I posted my picture. I also used the hashtag #Healthy_hair_journey because I am on a healthy hair journey.

I usually plan my content, but that day I did not. I decided to be spontaneous which turned out to be a really good thing.

Health Hair Journey’s instagram page (@healthy_hair_journey) currently has 227,000 followers. That’s insane, right? Their page is one of the largest pages that I’ve seen that promote natural hair. Well, they saw the picture that I posted using their hashtag, and I was featured on their page. To be featured means, they reposted my picture on their page, and their followers were able to see my picture. Because of that one feature, other natural hair pages saw my picture, scrolled through my page and also featured pictures of mine. Those pages also had hundreds of thousands of followers. Within minutes of being featured, my followers immediately started to increase at a rapid pace. I could not believe it. For one entire week, my picture(s) were circulating around instagram, and my followers continued to grow.

Wait, there’s more…

Before all of this happened, I had roughly 600 followers. After all of the features, I had gained 1,000 new followers, thus increasing the number of blog subscribers and traffic to my blog as well. I was really in shock and happy. I was able to connect with some really awesome naturals who I now consider to be my “curl-friends”. When someone follows you on your social networking site, it’s not just about the follower you’ve gained. It also enables you to check out their page and follow new people as well.

If you’re a blogger, or you are trying to promote your brand or business, here are some quick tips that have worked for me:

  • Be sure to socialize often on all of your social networking sites. Mine are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Join conversations about particular subjects that interests you.
  • Reply to folks, say thank you if someone compliments you, or features you on their page.
  • Pay attention to hashtags. Use the appropriate hashtags for your pictures.
  • Be true to yourself and use your own voice. Your followers can feel if you’re genuine and authentic. You want them to trust you and believe in what you are putting forth.
  • Remember, there is power in hashtags and features!

Thank you to all the natural hair pages below that featured my pictures and I want to say hello to all of my new subscribers! I look forward to interacting with you! 🙂

Here is my original post from my instagram page

Healthy hair journey then shared my picture on their page

Here are other awesome natural

hair pages that have featured my pictures.

Check out their pages on Instagram!

I was sure to thank them all. It’s very important to say thank you!

With Love,

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