How to: My simple technique for soft, curly hair with lots of shine and definition

IMG_3959  Happy Friday! Stopping in today to show you how I achieve soft, curly hair. I also refer to this look as my curly fro. It is a really simple process, however, it took me several months to master this. Now, I achieve the same results every single time. The key is the technique and the products. How to achieve this look: 1. Spritz hair with water.  If my hair is freshly washed, I allow it to air dry about 80% before beginning to twist. If my hair is dry, I spritz with water to get it damp so that I can work the products into my hair. 2. Two-Strand Twist– A two strand twist is exactly what it sounds like, twisting your hair by using two strands of hair at a time.. Just think of the concept of braiding- you use three strands. With twisting, you use two. I also call them rope twists,  because they resemble a rope once the twist is complete. 3. Allow hair to dry. This can be achieved by allowing your hair to air dry, or sitting under a dryer. I allow my hair to air dry. It takes about 7 hours for my hair to dry once it’s twisted and the products have been applied. My hair is thick and kinky, so it’s a long process if there is not heat involved. 4. Unravel twists. Once my hair is dry and I’m ready to style, I simply unravel my twists. 5. Fluff – I like to wear my hair in a fluffy state, so I normally fluff with my fingers, and use my hair pick to get my hair to the desired look that I want to achieve. For this look, I wanted more curls and less big hair, so I did minimal fluffing. Products used: Water| Cantu Shea butter conditioning leave-in conditioning repair cream| Trader Joe’s Jojoba oil| 1 perm rod *You’ll notice that the front part of my hair, the bang area, is different from the rest of my twists. That’s because I curl the bang area of my hair with one perm rod to achieve a tighter spiral curl. The front of my hair is not as kinky as the rest of my hair and tends to become straight over time. I use the perm rod to achieve a super tight curl. That’s all there is too it. Again, it took a long time for me to master my hair regimen and technique. If you’re struggling with your technique or achieving your desired results, let me know! I’ll be happy to share further techniques with you.       With Love, Nicky signature

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