What to do when your friends and family don’t support your blog

IMG_4749Wouldn’t it be great if your friends and family supported you with everything that you do?

When I started blogging a few years ago, I sent an email to all of my friends and family with a link to my blog, telling them that I started this amazing site and would love if they would subscribe. I just knew for sure that everyone would run to their smartphones and laptops, click the link and hit the subscribe button. So yeah, that’s not what happened. Only a small number of people responded and subscribed. I gave it a few weeks and sent a second reminder email. I figured the reason people had not responded was because they were on vacation with no access to the web, or they had been kidnapped by aliens. No, that wasn’t it either.

At first, I was confused, wondering why I wasn’t getting the response I had expected. I was super excited about this blog, and thought that everyone I knew would be excited as well. News flash- it’s not all about me. I had to realize that even though my friends and family love me, they are not obligated to follow my blog if they are not interested.

Some quick stats before we begin. NickyGoGlam now has 500+ subscribers and continues to grow each day. Even though only a handful of friends and family members are on this blog journey with me, it did not hinder the success of my blog.

Here are some helpful things to consider if you are currently not getting the support you want from the people that are closest to you.


Seriously, you’ve got to understand this. That aunt or uncle of yours that didn’t subscribe to your blog probably loves you dearly, but isn’t into blogs at all.  You can relate to reading a blog and can find value in it because you’re a blogger, but some people still prefer to read the newspaper and get their entertainment and news from their favorite television shows. It’s not personal, it’s just not their thing. And that’s OK.


If you blog about cats and cupcakes, and your family and friends are not into that, the chances of them following your blog to read about how cute you think cats are, and how you make rainbow colored cupcakes in under 30 minutes is slim to none. It’s highly unlikely that they will become a subscriber. And if they do happen to subscribe, they might never interact with you on your blog because they are not reading your blog posts.


I say this with love and in the nicest way! I really do. Sometimes you have to evaluate yourself and take inventory of your actions. Are you the person that has shouted from the mountain top what your dreams and aspirations were, told everyone around you what you were going to do and why they should support you, only to end up doing nothing at all? Are you the person that has a new idea every month but all you do is talk about it and never take any action? If that’s you, take a look in the mirror and have a nice heart to heart with yourself. How do you expect people to support you if you don’t stick to anything? I suggest taking the time to discover who you are and what you really love. Not all of your ideas need to be announced. Find your passion(s). Develop a rhythm and then ask for support after you are serious about something, after you have truly committed to something. You have to be real with yourself before people can be real with you.


Listen, I’m sure that having every friend and family member that you have subscribe to your blog, like all of your posts and fill up your comments section would make you really happy. But that is not realistic. The truth is, it would be great to have their support, but it’s not necessary. You can do it without them. Just think of all the other times that you have done things without the support you wanted and felt that you needed. You made it happen anyway, right? Treat your blog the same way. If they subscribe, great. If they don’t, it’s not the end of the world. Just keep going. Your passion and goals belong to you, not your family and friends.

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“Your passion and goals belong to you, not your family and friends” via @NickyGoGlam http://wp.me/p2D2DF-45W

So guys, what’s the moral of the story? Never let the lack of support of others dim your light! I’m sure your family and friends do love you and care for you, but if they are not active on your blog, it doesn’t mean that your blog is not worth reading. Focus on your audience and the people that are subscribed to you and looking forward to your posts. Also, the family and friends that do support you, let them know that you appreciate them.

I am fortunate to have my friends and family that do support my blog. Even though they are small in number, the feedback they provide is of great value. Quality over q.u.a.n.t.i.t.y is the name of the game. They are my cheerleaders, and they provide honest feedback on and offline.

Do you have the support of family and friends? How do you deal with lack of support?


With Love,

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16 thoughts on “What to do when your friends and family don’t support your blog

  1. This post is on point. I just had a conversation about this with some friends about other friends who are not supporting my blog. It makes me upset tho. Trying not to take it personal like you said

    1. Hi, Bright and Loud. What’s your name? Thanks for stopping by. I suggest trying really hard not to take it personally. Maybe you can talk to your friend(s) to see why they are not supporting you.Have you tried that?

      1. Sorry. My name is Kay. I am trying but it is not easy especially when i always support everybody all the time. i did ask more than once and they laugh and say they will do it later but don’t

        1. Hey Kay, that’s my mom’s name as well. You’ve done your part, you gave them the information. You cannot force them. If they were interested and wanted to show support, they would! Don’t stress over them. Just focus on you and your goals. Please send the link to your blog. Thanks,

    1. Hey blog buddy! Where have you been? Yes, they won’t support you at first until they need something, or you turn into Beyonce. Ha. But that’s not the case for everyone. Lord knows if one of my friends started a blog about sports, I would not be interested in that topic AT ALL. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Its true. People will support a celebrity before thinking about supporting their own sister! My friend had a party and launched a jewels shop and the place was almost empty because non of her fam showed up. Keep up the good work.

  3. Luv your blog girl but I have to disagree. This sounds like its ok for our family to not show love. I feel family needs to support you if no one else your family should have your back at all time.

    1. Hi Lashawn. Thanks for stopping by. It’s ok to disagree with me. I respect your opinion, but as you can see from my post, I don’t agree with thinking that they MUST do something because they are family. Trust me, it would be nice. I am the person that supports others, but sometimes people aren’t interesting in a topic or blog and that should be alright.

  4. Wow nice write up. No nonsense just straight to the point. Just what I wanted to at this time. Thanks for the article. I was almost about to loose motivation to blog because I get a very little support from family and friends. When I meet them they will say Hey I saw the post you shared on FB. It looks nice. That’s all nothing more than that. And honestly I don’t even if they even read it and just saying it. But anyways after reading your article I decided I will not let this stop me from doing what I like.

    1. Hi Vani, thank you for stopping by! Yes, I have friends and family who don’t really read blogs or show much support for mine. And I have some that do support. You are not writing for them. It took me a while to learn that. Keep writing from the heart and those that are interested will support you for sure 🙂

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