The one thing you must have to take a selfie like a PRO!

The one thing you must have to take a selfie like a PRO! |

Hi guys!

This post was inspired by a question that I was asked by my cousin (Tara). The question was- did you take that picture yourself? The answer -YES!

Two days ago, I posted this picture on all of my social networking sites.

It was a hit and was shared a few times across all platforms. My cousin saw the picture on my Facebook page and sent me a text message, asking if I had taken the picture myself. I told her it was a spur of the moment selfie that was taken in my bedroom. I had just gotten home from church and wanted to snap some photos of my hair before I threw it up in a ponytail for the evening. Do you know the one thing that made this picture come out so nicely? Lighting! Natural lighting to be exact.

I was standing in front of a huge window in my bedroom. I faced the window and pointed my cellphone right at my face. The lighting was so amazing. It was roughly 2:00 in the afternoon and the sun was shining very bright. As a natural hair blogger and Instagram addict, I like to bank selfies when I feel my hair and makeup look really nice. Banking selfies means that you take lots of selfies, and just hold on to them for a rainy day. I took about 10 selfies, but the one above came out so nicely that I decided to post it everywhere.

As mentioned, the picture was shared a few times. Natural Hair Daily and Natural Root Sista (two powerhouse natural hair pages) shared my picture on their Instagram page. They have hundreds of thousands of followers, which is great exposure for I am always happy and so thankful when my pictures get featured.

@NaturalHairDaily feature:

@NaturalRootSista feature:

If you’re struggling with lighting, be sure to take advantage of the sunshine.  Unless you plan on using an actual camera with a flash, or using ring lighting, taking a selfie in dim lighting will do you no justice. Natural light is the way to go. Oh, and it’s free!

Lipstick- Mac Ruby woo// Dress- Old Navy Printed Cami Dress (similar) here  // Statement Necklace (similar) here.

With Love,

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19 thoughts on “The one thing you must have to take a selfie like a PRO!

  1. I think I’ll need more than natural light to take a good selfie, but I’ll keep it in mind. Some airbrushing is more like it for me πŸ™‚

  2. No wonder they shared your picture. You are so pretty. I’m glad that you are not afraid to wear red lipstick as a black woman. I love wearing red

  3. That is a beautiful shot and that’s because you are a beauty. Lightening is important too. My first initial thought was, you used a selfie stick but, obviously you did not. You have definitely mastered the “selfie” picπŸ˜‰

  4. I needed this I do want to get better at taking selfies in better lighting. I don’t have a high powered camera. Luv your blog

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