A trim for the summer


Guys, summer is right around the corner. Can you believe it?  Since March, it’s been pretty warm here in the south. As a former New Yorker, I am still getting used to how warm southern living really is. The days have been pretty humid, and I’ve already gotten the chance to wear sun dresses and sandals while it’s still cold in other parts of the world! Like, what?

As we enter the month of May, I wanted to give my ends a little TLC. I got a quick trim in anticipation of the summer heat. I have kept my hair well moisturized and protected all winter, so I am ready to rock these kinky curls as the days continue to heat up. Did I mention that May is my favorite month of the year? Why? I get to celebrate Mother’s Day, my son’s birthday and mine too!

What are your summer plans for your hair? Are you braiding it? Maybe trying a new color? Let me know. Talk soon.



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