My super glam bridal shower



According to my wedding wire app, my wedding is in 23 days! Oh my goodness! Every bride-to-be deserves a friend that will pour love into them, be supportive, and offer to help in any way that they can. I’m grateful to have a friend like that!

My heart is so full. My friend Sharon threw me the most beautiful and glam bridal shower over the weekend. If it was not for her, I would not have had a bridal shower at all. For several months, she planned, organized and created the most beautiful day for me. She hosted the shower, and was also the photographer and videographer!! I think she should be awared the MVP friendship award for 2018, don’t you? Oh, I also need to mention that she did all of this while being in an out of a cast for several months because she had surgery on her foot! Talk about d-e-d-i-c-a-t-i-o-n.

She also surprised me and planned for my fiancé to attend the last hour of the shower, hence the ugly cry face. I almost messed up my makeup!

My friend Lisa made a wedding dress cupcake and adorned them in my mom’s favorite color, turquoise. You’ll see that my nails are also this color and I’m wearing my mom’s turquoise ring as well.

Enjoy the pics and my outfit details are listed below.








Shop my outfit. Links below. 

Dress: My dress is from boohoo. It fits wonderfully, however, it has a really low slit in the front, so I wore a camisole underneath. Had this been a night affair, I would not have worn a shirt underneath!

Shoes: My shoes are INC. and were purchased from Macy’s.

Navy Faux Fur Coat. I purchased my coat from forever 21 about a year ago, however, it’s no longer on their site. I’ve listed a similar style below.




With love,




5 thoughts on “My super glam bridal shower

  1. Yay!!! Love this post. So happy for you! You looked beautiful and that dress was perfect for you, your shoes were so GLAM! Here comes the bride to be! Less than a month and you will be a MRS.! Hugs, Kisses & Bridal Bliss to you my friend! XOXO Sharon ❤

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