Braided ponytail. Protective styling for the summer.


New hair, who dis?!

It’s been 5 long years since I’ve gotten my hair braided. The last time I did, it was so painful, I vowed to never braid my hair again. Well, you know how the saying goes, never say never.

Back in May, I went to a Cinco de Mayo party and saw are girl with the prettiest lemonade braids I have ever seen. Hers were almost as nice as Beyonce’s. I stopped her and inquired about where she got her hair braided. She happily showed me her stylist’s Instagram page and I clicked follow right away. I followed along for a few weeks, trying to decide what style I wanted to get and ended up falling in love with the braided ponytail. It’s pretty long so at night, I wrap it into a bun and use my silk scarf to keep it neat.

I’m so thankful that it was not torture this time around to get my hair braided. It actually didn’t hurt much. There was a lot of tension to actually pull it up into the ponytail, and also tension to move my head and wash my face for a few days. Ha! But that’s expected. There wasn’t any pain though. I plan on keeping these bad boys in for 6 weeks (if I can keep it neat for that long). I am already plotting my next braided style! When you find someone that can braid and not rip your hair and edges out, you want to go back.!

Hair braided by Ta’Shara. If you’re in the Charlotte area, check her out! She’s amazing and was so gentle with my hair. Her name is JustGorgeousBraids on Instagram.



with love,


6 thoughts on “Braided ponytail. Protective styling for the summer.

    1. Hi! Hahaha. Thank you! There is a place called BRAIDED in NYC that I heard is really good. You can look them up. I do not know if they braid gently or not, but the finished product looks great!

  1. How did I miss this! Luv your braids! My hair is braided right now but in box braids. I have to try this style. Did it last long? My edges are hard to keep under control

    1. Yes, it lasted for 6 weeks. Honestly, it started to get fuzzy on week 4 but I continued to wear my scarf at night. I used a little edge control and water to keep my edges soft and tamed

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