Allow me to reintroduce myself


Hey y’all! If you follow me on social, you already know this. I changed the name of my blog and my handle on all social platforms. is now

Here’s the tea.  I outgrew the name. My life has changed so much since I started blogging in 2012. Nicky Go Glam no longer fits my lifestyle. It no longer represents the woman that I am today.

5 years ago, I was a new natural, and created as a platform to connect with and help other natural hair women with their hair growth journey and self-confidence. It’s been an amazing ride thus far, and I’ve had the opportunity to connect with thousands of naturals across the world.

In addition to natural hair, I also loved all things make-up and beauty. I had dreams of creating a line of glam eyelash extensions. I started a small business doing makeup professionally and it was really exciting at the time. I did makeup for proms, weddings and much more. So, the name Nicky Go Glam was very fitting as it encompassed cute hairstyles, the makeup and beauty world, and would work for the name of my lash line.

Fast forward to 2018- the blog has grown so much and guess what? I have grown tremendously as well. While natural hair is still my first love, I lost interest in doing makeup professionally, so I stopped. I’m no longer pursuing my line of eyelashes either. I have been struggling for quite sometime to blog consistently and create content that was to live up to the name. I felt stuck. Discovering that the name no longer reflects who I am was so freeing.


Nicky Ann is my name. It’s me; it’s who I am. Ann is short for my middle name, Anika.  I feel so free to write about topics that really feel good to my soul.

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be bringing more topics to the blog. will transition to a lifestyle site. Don’t worry, I will continue posting about natural hair care. In addition to that, I’m going to be sharing life and personal style content. I might talk about my life as a wife, cute clothes, self-care, home décor inspo, products I’m using, and maybe share my favorite recipes too.

Thank you all for your support with helping grow! I really appreciate all the love and comments throughout the years.  But, it’s out with the old and in with the new-new. Ha! Lace up your boots and let the party begin! is here.

On social, my handle is now @itsNickyAnn (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube) Talk to you on the next post!

With love,


8 thoughts on “Allow me to reintroduce myself

  1. Nicky I’ve been following you from the beginning when you talked about hair all the time. Been liking your travel updates. I’m with you girl LOL.

  2. Hi Nicky! I am so proud of you, the way that you go forward in spite of opposition. I’m happy to see your progress, your travels and of course your new life as a wife. You encourage me and I’m always excited to see what new with you. Hey what’s new for 2019? I can’t wait to see. Have a very Happy New Year! With love, Jeanie.

    1. Thanks so much Jeanie! What an awesome compliment. I’m inspired by you as well. I’m excited to blog more this year and finally bring some personal style posts to the blog

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