My Christmas gift. The perfect white coat

Guess white coat with faux fur collar

Guess white coat with faux fur collar

Happy new year, guys! 2019 is here and it’s my first style post of the year.

Ok, so, white coat or not to white coat? It’s an absolute yes for me!

Guess white wool coat with faux fur collar

Guess white wool coat with faux fur collarWearing: White Coat with faux fur collar// Guess

Photography by: Rain’s World Photography

The first time I fell in love with a white coat, it was during an episode of Scandal. Olivia Pope sashayed across the room looking fierce and powerful in it. Since then, I’ve always eyeballed them while shopping, but never made a purchase.

This Christmas I got lucky! This coat was wrapped and waiting for me under the tree! It was one of my Christmas gifts from hubby. I am now the happy owner of the Olivia Pope coat! And yes, I did my own sashay across the runway walk in my living room when I tried it on!

Because of the color, it’s not built for everyday wear. It’s not a coat to throw on to run errands or go grocery shopping. It’s for special occasions and occasional wear. I want to keep it clean and it’s just too dope to wear all the time. The faux fur collar is really soft and does not irritate my neck like other faux fur collars have. It’s also detachable! So I can be extra glam with it on, or tone it down and take it off.

I paired it here with a floral dress for a pop of color and these over the knee boots. I’ll do a follow up post with the outfit details. I’ve included the link to wear you can purchase the coat, and guess what? It’s now on major SALE so hurry if you’re interested in purchasing!

So, do you white coat too?

With love,


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