My Hot Girl Summer was luke warm

Photography: Mama Photog

Hot girl summer is trending online. If you check the hashtag, you’ll see images of women living their best life on boats, luxurious vacations, running on the sand in bikinis and partying with a drink in hand. My hot girl summer has been a lot different.

First, I decided to annihilate my summer by starting grad school. Who does that!? For the last 12 weeks, I have been inundated with research papers and homework assignments. This is my 3 time enrolling in grad school. The first 2 times that I started, my mom’s cancer resurfaced, and I dropped out of the program to care for her. Finishing grad school is very important to me, plus I want to make my mama proud. She and I used to talk about my goals and finishing my program was always a priority. So, my life suddenly revolves around my school work, literally. My weekends are filled with research papers and studying. I’m not complaining, I promise.

Photography: Mama Photog

In addition to grad school, I also spent the summer searching for house number 2. During the evenings and weekends, hubby and I visited tons of homes, trying to find our dream home. We found one that was really beautiful but we backed out at the last minute. It wasn’t quite the right fit. What’s the point of uprooting your life, and buying property that really doesn’t cut it? So, we’ve taken a break from the hunting and will revisit purchasing a new home at a later time.

So, no major vacations this summer, no partying and no lounging on a luxurious boat. Finishing grad school has been the focus. I’ll be sure to update you on the house-hunting process once we start looking again. Until then, I’ll be writing papers, and doing homework! Pray for me, y’all.

How has your hot girl summer been!?


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