3 things I did to increase my productivity

Happy Monday, friends. White jeans season is upon us. Or are you a rebel and you wear white jeans all year round?

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with working full-time, blogging and forming a business, taking care of home and struggling to find time to relax. The thought crossed my mind that maybe I can’t handle all of it.

But that’s not true.

My weekends used to be filled with running errands, grocery shopping, cleaning the house and laundry.

Instead of making excuses about why I can’t, I restructured my schedule so that I CAN get it all done.

Here are the 3 simple steps that I took that had a BIG impact on my productivity:

I started waking up much earlier to take care of my personal stuff way before work starts.

I clean the house and do laundry on Thursdays and Fridays so that I have more time on the weekend to do what I want instead of doing chores.

Grocery shopping is done on Friday’s as well.

So, by Friday afternoon ALL of my to-do list (chores) are complete which leaves me with a clear schedule for the weekend. This is a major win.

A shift in your daily or weekly routine can drastically improve your overall productivity. If you’re struggling with time management, try changing up your routine and let me know how it goes!



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