7 steps to safely flat iron natural hair

It’s about that time again. Straight hair is here! I straighten my hair about 2-3 times per year. I usually straighten it when it’s time for a trim or when I need a break from twisting it each day.

No, I didn’t use a heat protectant. I stopped using the one that I had because it made my hair sticky and I just didn’t do any research to find another one. I am currently on the hunt for a new heat protectant. 

Here are the steps I take before I flat iron.

1 CLEAN HAIR- I always flat iron on cleansed hair. I do a nice wash and deep condition to ensure my hair is clean. I’m currently using … deep conditioner. It smells so good and really works for my hair. Applying direct heat to hair that is very dry and brittle can lead to major heat damage, causing you to have to cut your hair. 

2 SERUM– Because I didn’t have a protectant, I applied jojoba oil to very small sections of my hair. I find that doing this makes my hair extra soft, and super shiny. It acts like a serum.

3 BE MINDFUL OF THE TEMPERATURE OF THE FLAT IRON- Many flat irons go up to 450 degrees. That’s way more heat than what I need to get my hair straight. I like to keep my flatiron at 390 degrees, always. 

4 BE GENTLE WHILE FLAT IRONING- Allow yourself enough time to get through the process safely. If you rush, you will rip your hair out, your hair might not be as straight as you would like causing you to have to apply additional heat in the upcoming days. A good flat ironing technique requires you to take your time and go slow and steady. I start the process very close to the roots and pull the iron downward in one smooth movement. Trust me, if you rush this process, you will end up having to use more heat to try to get it straight. I pass the flat iron once through each strand. If it’s time for a trim, I pass it twice for maximum straightness. Be sure to flat iron in very small sections for best results. 

5 THE CHASE METHOD.  This involves using a comb and the flat iron at the same time, from root to tip. It works wonders!  The process involves placing a fine tooth comb in your hair, in front of the flat iron, and running it down the length of your hair at the same time as the flat iron, from root to tip. It works wonders! Doing this smooths your hair and ends before the flat iron touches it. Resulting in bone straight hair. 

6 HEAT PROTECTANT- I know, I know. I just said that I do not sure it. But, just because I don’t doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. You should do whatever you need to to protect your hair when applying direct heat.

7 NIGHT TIME CARE-Night time hair care is very important to keeping your hair straight,silky and shiny. When I flat iron, it usually lasts 2 weeks. Don’t go to bed without wrapping your hair and using a silk scarf or bonnet. If you don’t like using those options, you can also use a silk pillowcase. That will also do the trick. Doing this will set you up for success in the morning. 

I hope you found this helpful! 



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