How to elevate a blank wall with a Sideboard and Gallery Wall

I’ve decided to pour love into every corner of our home. I’ve been so intentional about the furniture and accessories that I choose because I want them to compliment the modern, comfy vibe that I am going for.  We spend the majority of our time at home, especially since the pandemic started. I want each space and every room to tell a story.

This was a blank wall in our living room that is on the opposite end of the sofa. I thought about putting an oversized mirror there, or a really long ottoman with some nice throw pillows. I finally decided to bring my RH dreams to life with a beautiful sideboard and gallery wall. I mean, have you ever walked into restoration hardware (RH)? They have the most beautiful gallery wall dispays and I was so inspired on my last visit to the Charlotte location.

This little corner brings me so much joy! I purchased the sideboard from Wayfair, linked here. It’s such good quality and was easy to put together. The color is light grey, but it’s actually more of a white wash, which I love. The light tones and mirrored doors give this a modern, chic look. This side board is now the home for our throw blankets, board games and extra throw pillows.

Now , let’s get into this gallery wall! Gallery walls are all the rave and I knew I wanted to have one or two of them in my home. I cannot take credit for this work, because hubby did it all! He actually surprised me and found the gallery wall kit on Amazon, linked here. This kit was so easy as it came with the outline of where the holes and frames should be placed, the frames, nails and everything needed to get it up on the wall. It was so easy!

The black and white pictures of the flowers came with the frames. I love them so much, however, I will be replacing them with photos of the family wedding pictures and places we’ve traveled to.

I hope this post was helpful and you feel inspired to decorate your space. Stay tuned for more home decor and room makeovers!



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