A weekend in Nashville, Tennessee

Have you ever been to Nashville, Tennessee? This was my first time visiting and the first trip and vacation that I’ve gone on since the summer of 2019.

Every vacation, big or small means the world to me, especially since I started traveling later in life. I spent my birthday weekend at the Grand Hyatt in Nashville, Tennessee and it was great!

The hotel was luxurious, and the staff was so kind and friendly. Hubby booked the trip and made sure to find a hotel that accommodates pets so I can bring my favorite girl, Tina. If you don’t know who Tina is, she’s my pup, and my bestie. I try to take her along for as many vacations as I can.

The streets of Nashville were packed. The clubs and bars were all open for business and long lines wrapped around corners as people waited to get inside and have some fun.

Some highlights from the trip:

My birthday dinner at Eddie V’s was so elegant & delicious!

I got an amazing massage at the spa.

We ate at the famous Hattie B’s and had the hot chicken and fries. It was delicious!

We listened to music, danced and had the time of our lives.

I would love to visit again and stay a little longer!



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