Protective styling with braids plus 4 healthy hair tips.

Happy September! 

I decided to switch things up this month by getting a protective style. Natural hair is fun, but I wanted to give myself a break from all the daily maintenance.

This style is called straight backs, stitch braids, or straight back stitch braids. It took about 2 hours to do and I got 6 medium size braids installed. Getting braids is a treat for me as it’s not something that I do often. It’s a quick and easy protective style.

A protective style is any style that keeps the ends of your hair tucked away and minimises manipulation for a period of time. Protective styling gives your hair a break from combing, pulling and tugging on your hair at the roots and especially the ends of your hair. When your hair is in a protective style it is less prone to knotting and snagging on clothing or accessories.

A protective style can also encourage hair growth and can save so much time since the entire idea is to touch the hair as little as possible, or not at all.

Here are 4 important tips when wearing a protective style.

1. Practice Proper Night Time Care.

Before I go to bed, I cover my braids/head in a large silk scarf or a bonnet. This reduces friction while you sleep, helps to preserve your braids and reduces frizz. If bonnets and scarves aren’t your thing, you can also use a silk or satin pillowcase to achieve the same results.

2. Avoid scratching and playing in your hair.

If you’ve gotten your hair braided recently, you know that the stylists apply lots of gel, sprays and foam to your hair. Those products flake easily and scratching your hair and scalp will make it worse. I avoid scratching and instead pat my hair if I have the urge to take care of an itch.

3. Protect your edges and hairline.

This is crucial. I always ask the stylist to brush my edges and the hair at the hairline away from the scalp so it is not braided. It helps a lot!

4. Research to find a stylist that is gentle.

I have gotten my hair braided by someone that did an awful job and braided my hair way too tight. I had sores in my head, headaches and some bleeding. It was terrible! I did my research this time around and asked around for a recommendation.

I hope you found these tips helpful and see you in the next post!



3 thoughts on “Protective styling with braids plus 4 healthy hair tips.

  1. Greetings! Where are you located? Looking for a natural hair beautician to wash, condition, and deep condition my hair every two weeks. I can pre-poo my own hair before going to beautician.

    I have carpal tunnel in right hand and tendinitis in left hand and I need help.

    Thank you, Blessings!

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