Chunky Twistout and Burgundy Lips

It's officially fall and that means putting my bright pink or orange lipsticks aside and welcoming the darker colors. I will still wear my bright red lipstick since that's a staple and year round favorite of mine. However, I'm incorporating more warm tones, especially anything in the plum and burgundy family! I was heading out [...]

How to: My simple technique for soft, curly hair with lots of shine and definition

  Happy Friday! Stopping in today to show you how I achieve soft, curly hair. I also refer to this look as my curly fro. It is a really simple process, however, it took me several months to master this. Now, I achieve the same results every single time. The key is the technique and [...]

How to- The Goddess Twist Pictorial

Howdy guys! The month of March is almost over. I can't believe it! Today, I'm coming to you with a super easy, cute and chic hairstyle- The Goddess Twist. If you put that in your Google search engine, you will find thousands of variations of this style. It is also known as the Halo Twist, [...]

Using Heat to Straighten Natural Hair| Soft, Fluffy curls

Hi guys, Coming to you today to share this post about using heat to straighten my natural hair. I don't straighten my hair often, because I don't want to damage it with excessive heat. I was due for a trim, and it's much easier to comb through my hair and trim it when it 's [...]