Using Heat to Straighten Natural Hair| Soft, Fluffy curls

Hi guys, Coming to you today to share this post about using heat to straighten my natural hair. I don't straighten my hair often, because I don't want to damage it with excessive heat. I was due for a trim, and it's much easier to comb through my hair and trim it when it 's [...]

Super easy protective style for the frigid weather.

Hello friends! Before I say anything else, let me say, brrrrrrrrrrr, baby, it's cold outside! And for that very reason, I have tucked my natural hair away. One of my favorite and super easy protective style is wearing my hair in a bun.  For the past week, I have been wearing my hair in this [...]

15 tips to help you blog like a rockstar

With one year under my blogging belt, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the ride. I have made some great blogging friends and learned so much along the way. Here are 15 blogging tips and rules that I live by. 1. USE APPEALING FONTS, COLORS, AND THEMES Try to have your blog look [...]