Meet the new member of the family. The Peace Lily (SPATHIPHYLLUM)

Are you a plant lover? I am, but I have failed miserably to keep plants alive. I took a really long break from caring for real plants and embraced faux plants for a while. I’m ready to jump in and try again and I’m starting with this gorgeous Peace Lily, also known as SPATHIPHYLLUM.

Peace Lilies are one of the most common houseplants because they are fairly easy to grow and they’re beautiful, too! Here are the things I’ve learned thus far:

Peace Lilies are tropical plants that thrive in the forest, where they receive indirect sunlight and moisture. It’s important to try to replicate similar conditions inside your home to keep this plant happy and healthy. With enough light, peace lilies can produce white flowers starting in the early summer.


• When it comes to watering, consistency is key. Keep the soil moist, but be sure not overwater. Peace lilies can tolerate short periods of dry soil, but their leaves will start to turn brown if neglected for too long. Watering on time and the right amount of water is key!

• Peace lilies are sensitive to flouride which is found in tap water. The nursery where I purchased this plant advised that I let the tap water sit for a few hours or days before watering the plant.

• Peace lilies do not like a lot of fertilizer, so I only fertalize once per month or every 6 weeks.

• Peace lilies are a tropical plant, so keeping them in temperatures above 60°F (16°C) is best. Also, it’s best to keep them away from cold, drafty windows. They do best in temperatures upwards of 70°F (21°C).

• This plant cannot handle direct sunlight, but will thrive in a bright, well-lit area.

I’m a true plant mom now! I’ll keep you posted on how the plant holds up and I’ll share some updates.



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