Chunky Twistout and Burgundy Lips

It's officially fall and that means putting my bright pink or orange lipsticks aside and welcoming the darker colors. I will still wear my bright red lipstick since that's a staple and year round favorite of mine. However, I'm incorporating more warm tones, especially anything in the plum and burgundy family! I was heading out [...]

9 easy tips to grow long natural hair, FAST!

Today I want to share with you the easy and practical steps that I took to achieve rapid hair growth since going natural. I've been natural for exactly 2.9 years and often get asked about my hair regimen. I didn't take any hair growth supplements or do anything out of the ordinary. To be honest, [...]

The one thing you must have to take a selfie like a PRO!

Hi guys! This post was inspired by a question that I was asked by my cousin (Tara). The question was- did you take that picture yourself? The answer -YES! Two days ago, I posted this picture on all of my social networking sites. It was a hit and was shared a few times across all [...]

My first time as a guest blogger + 4 reasons why this is essential for building your brand.

My first time as a guest blogger + 4 reasons why this is essential for building your brand.

Guest blogging- have you heard of it? It's simply creating content or writing a post that will be published on a blog or website that is not your own. Essentially, another blogger features your blog post on their blog. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of guest blogging for It all came [...]

Weekend Getaway: The Mountains, The Water and Serenity

Hi guys, Happy Memorial Day! I hope you're enjoying it. Guess what? I celebrated my birthday this past weekend. I spent it in the mountains near the water.  It was so peaceful. I love trees, and calm settings, so this was the perfect weekend getaway. While looking out at the water, I took inventory of [...]